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8 Things to Do First in Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima

8 Things to Do First in Ghost of Tsushima

Choose How the Game Looks & Sounds

things to do first in Ghost of Tsushima

Before you even start your adventure with Jin to help stop the mainland invasion of the Mongol Forces, you’ll need to choose how Ghost of Tsushima looks and sounds.

Specifically, you’ll be allowed to choose between the English and Japanese audio and voice track. If you’re looking for a truly authentic Japanese adventure across the isle of Tsushima, you’ll want to choose the latter and enjoy the subtitles instead. Or you can just keep it in English if you so prefer.

Then you’ve got the option to play with the Kurosawa Mode enabled or disabled. This was previously referred to as the Samurai Cinema Mode. This turns the game’s visuals black and white, and even adds a film grain effect. If you’d rather enjoy Ghost of Tsushima in full color, simply disable this option.

You can enable and disable this at any time by pressing the Options button and then selecting ‘Display.’ Then go to ‘Kurosawa Mode’ where you can toggle the mode on and off.

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