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Paper Mario Origami King: Trial of Wisdom Answers

paper mario origami king trial of wisdom answers

Paper Mario Origami King: Trial of Wisdom Answers

Paper Mario Origami King is the latest entry in the whimsical RPG-lite series from Nintendo and while it’s not the most challenging video game out there, there are some tricky puzzles that require some hard thinking. If you need some help, here are the Paper Mario Origami King Trial of Wisdom answers.

Trial of Wisdom Answers in Paper Mario Origami King

Once you get to the Sacred Trial challenges in Paper Mario Origami King, you’re going to have to complete the Power, Wisdom, and Courage trials to get three special orbs.

As for the Trial of Wisdom, there are three true/false questions that you’ll need to answer correctly by moving towards the blue checkmark or to the big red x. The thing is though, different questions will pop up for different players, so it’s never the same three.

We’ve compiled a list of all of the questions and answers that we’ve found so far that you could possibly run into:

  • “One ton of iron is heavier than one ton of cotton” – False
  • “The name of Captain T. Ode’s submarine is the Princess Peach.” – False
  • “The number of streamers that you have cleared so far is three.” – True
  • “Every hill in Overlook Mountain has an equal number of uphill and downhill slopes.” – True
  • “The pictures drawn on the first floor of Overlook Tower were of mushrooms and an apple.” – False
  • “Twelve passengers are riding a bus. If five of them get off at their stops, seven people will remain on the bus.” – False
  • “The final step on the downriver tour is Autumn Mountain.” – False
  • “Shogun Studios has a photo studio, a tower, and a theater. Of all these locations, the theater is the largest.” – False
  • “If you pass the sixth-, fifth-, and fourth-place runners in a marathon, you’ll finish in third place.” – False
  • “Speak with all three figures, then choose the one who is lying” – This last question will pop up for every player but the answer will always be different and instead of choosing true or false, you must choose A, B, or C. You have to figure out which Toad is lying by speaking to three figures and finding a contradiction.

And that’s all you need to know about the Paper Mario Origami King Trial of Wisdom answers. For more Paper Mario-related content, you can find check out our ranking of the best bosses of the franchise and another feature on why Paper Mario would be a great addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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