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Paper Mario Origami King: House of Riddles Puzzle Solution

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Paper Mario Origami King: House of Riddles Puzzle Solution

The latest entry in the Paper Mario franchise is now out on the Nintendo Switch and boy does it have tons and tons of puzzles for you to solve. If you’re after that much-coveted Max Up Heart in Origami King, we’re here to help. Here’s the puzzle solution for House of Riddles in Paper Mario Origami King, just in case you’re having issues figuring out what to do.

House of Riddles Puzzle Guide for Paper Mario Origami King

Once you walk into the House of Riddles, you will face three different rooms that are separated by walls. If you read the signpost in the front of the room, it’ll ask if you can solve the puzzle, and then it also says House of Riddles on the bottom but it’s written out backwards, as if it was a mirror image… hmm, how suspicious.

To solve this little puzzle, you need to first adjust a couple of the objects on the left-side room, at least three.

Once you do that, remember which objects you messed with and then go over to the right-side room and move the same objects. You want to make sure that the room on the right is a mirror image of the room on the left.

Once you do that correctly, you’ll hear a noise and then a treasure chest will pop up in the center of the room, which happens to contain a Max Up Heart +5 to help you out during your battle encounters.

And that’s all there is to the House of Riddles puzzle in Paper Mario Origami King. Now that you know how to solve it, you should be able to collect that treasure and give yourself a nice pat on the back.

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