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When Does Last of Us 2 Take Place? Answered

The Last of Us 2, When Does The Last of Us 2 Take Place? Answered

When Does Last of Us 2 Take Place? Answered

The Last of Us 2, better known as The Last of Us: Part II, is finally out, and it brings the series’ story forward in some surprising new ways. If you’re not a lore buff though, you may be left with a number of questions regarding the setting of the game, not least of which being: when does The Last of Us 2 take place?

Fortunately, we’ve done the leg work and have an answer for you. *Warning: Spoilers for The Last of Us ahead*

When Does Last of Us 2 Take Place? Answered

To cut to the chase, The Last of Us 2 takes place five years after the events of the first game.

Following Joel’s rescue of Ellie at the end of the first game – and, in turn, slaughter of the Fireflies – the two return to the town where Joel’s brother Tommy lives. They then settled there, integrating themselves into the community and putting their skills to use toward the town’s longevity.

All appears to have been as peaceful as it could be during these five years, until the game’s story kicks off and Ellie is driven toward a mission for revenge by certain events.

Do You Get to See What Happened during the Past Five Years?

As for whether or not you get to see what happened during those five years in-between The Last of Us 1 and 2, the answer is kind-of.

The game features brief looks back at Joel and Ellie settling into the town, but for the most part the game focuses on what happens post-time skip. It is possible Naughty Dog will offer DLC down the line which covers this time period – similar to the Left Behind DLC from the first game – but nothing has been confirmed at this time.

That’s about all there is to know about when The Last of Us 2 takes place. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki for more info on topics like how to save and whether or not there are romance options.

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