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Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: All New Traits & Aspirations


Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: All New Traits & Aspirations

It’s that time again where we all load up The Sims 4 and check out what the latest expansion has to offer. This time around it’s the Eco Lifestyle expansion, allowing your Sims to be more conscientious about the environment in almost every aspect of their life. Alongside all of the new gameplay features comes new traits and aspirations for you to give to your Sims, directly affecting their personality and outlook on life. Here are all Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle traits and aspirations.

All New Traits in Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle

Sims 4 eco lifestyle traits


“These Sims reject consumerism and prefer to reduce wasteful spending by any means. They enjoy finding re-used or thrown away goods and foods. In fact, they have the best luck at finding the highest-quality treasure in Dumpsters! They may become tense or uncomfortable if they spend too much time earning or spending Simoleons.”

As the official description above suggests for this Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle trait, the Freegan is all about reducing their own consumer footprint on the world. They have the following additional in-game mechanics:

  • Food Freshness – Freegans can check the freshness of food, and can eat some food even if it’s past its expiration.
  • Freegans will get a +1 stressed stat for spending more than 800 Simoleons. This only lasts for an hour and a half.
  • Dumpster Diving Buff – Freegans will also get lucky from dumpster diving, getting buffs like saving money and netting cheap meals. They can even get other NPC Sims to lower their prices with bartering.

Green Fiend

“These Sims are happiest when living on a green street and will continuously work towards making their environment more eco-friendly.”

  • 4 hour ‘Inspired’ buff when performing green activities.


“These Sims become happy when making things. They become sad when it’s been too long since completing a project on a Fabricator, Candlemaking Station, Juice Fizzer, or Woodworking Table. They do not receive negative effects from crafting or repairing failures.”

  • Maker Sims will get upset for two hours if they haven’t crafted something in a long time.
  • Maker Sims get a +1 Focused moodlet for an hour after seeing a high-quality crafted item.
  • Maker Sims get a four hour +1 happy buff after making something.

Recycle Disciple

“These Sims are rabid recyclers that benefit from recycling and rummaging for bits and pieces, but should they go too long without indulging in their hobby…”

  • Recycle Disciple Sims will get upset and stressed if they haven’t salvaged or rummaged for parts in a while. This moodlet stacks the longer they go without doing so.

All Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Aspirations

Sims 4 eco lifestyle aspirations

There are only two new aspirations in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle. These are Master Maker Aspiration, and Eco Innovator Aspiration. We’ve detailed them below.

Eco Innovator Aspiration


Milestone 1: Eco-Economist

  • Own 1 Solar Panel or Wind Turbine (100)
  • Sell Power or Water on a Utility Bill (100)

Milestone 2: Clean City Civilian

  • Have 5 Community Influence Points (200)
  • Vote on 1 Neighborhood Action Plan (200)
  • Become a Civil Designer (250)

Milestone 3: Civil Citizen

  • Attempt to convince a Sim to vote on a Neighborhood Action Plan (350)
  • Vote on Neighborhood Action Plans two separate times (500)
  • Reach level 10 of the Civil Designer Career (1000)

Total Satisfaction: 2,100

Reward Trait: Influential Individual – Sims with this trait will be listened to by all Sims around them. They can influence Sims easily to support or attack a particular Sim or cause.

Master Maker Aspiration


Milestone 1: Jerry Rigger

  • Reach Level 3 Fabrication Skill (50)
  • Recycle Items 5 Times (50)

Milestone 2: The Better Builder

  • Reach Skill Level 5 in Fabrication (250)
  • Fabricate 5 Items (250)
  • Have a Total of 5 Dyes (250)

Milestone 3: Competent Crafter

  • Achieved Level 7 in Fabrication (450)
  • Collect Insects from an Insect Farm 3 Times (450)
  • Craft 5 Candles (500)

Milestone 4: Master Maker

  • Achieved Level 10 in Fabrication (800)
  • Craft 20 Candles (600)
  • Complete a total 5 Gigs as a Freelance Crafter (1000)

Total Satisfaction: 4,650

Reward Trait: Master Maker – Master Maker Sims can fabricate items at a significantly reduced cost.

That’s all for the new traits and aspirations in Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle. For more on the latest Sims 4 expansion, be sure to check out more of our coverage below or search for Twinfinite.

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