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If PSVR 2 Is Coming to PS5, Here Are 6 Improvements it Needs


If PSVR 2 Is Coming to PS5, Here Are 6 Improvements it Needs

Last night, we got our first look at the PlayStation 5‘s upcoming titles and what the actual system looks like itself. We got a closer breakdown of the DualSense controller, and generally, hype levels are through the roof. For Virtual Reality (VR) fans, though, there was a saddening absence: PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR 2) wasn’t shown or even teased.

Not that we expected such a major peripheral to get revealed and steal the limelight from the PS5, but the link between a new PlayStation system and a new VR peripheral is strong. As such, we began thinking through what Sony would need to bring with PSVR 2 to keep up with the competition.

Inside-Out Tracking

Since the original PSVR’s release back in 2017, the VR landscape has already evolved substantially. The HMD’s PC counterparts have already made leaps in simplifying the set-up process, and generally making the whole thing feel that little bit more accessible.

Inside-out tracking is a key part of this streamlining process, removing the need for any cameras or ‘base stations’ to be placed around your room to track your movement within your play area.

A VR device using inside-out tracking determines how its position changes in relation to its environment. When the headset moves, the sensors readjust its place in the room and the virtual environment responds accordingly in real-time.

By implementing inside-out tracking in PSVR 2, it’d not only help to partially streamline the set-up process for PSVR 2 but could also help improve the tracking accuracy of the headset itself. This, in turn, would make your VR experience far more immersive, which is always a winner.

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