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Last of Us 2: How to Kill Shamblers Easily

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Last of Us 2: How to Kill Shamblers Easily

As one of the new enemies introduced in Last of Us 2, Shamblers are going to cause a lot of problems thanks to their unique abilities. Luckily, we have a few different ways to handle these tricky new clickers. Here is everything you need to know about to help you take down Shamblers in Last of Us 2.

How to Beat Shamblers Easily

Shamblers are pretty distinguishable from other clickers, as they are red and have an entire headful of fungus. They also emit a gas cloud that is deadly upon contact, so you’ll want to avoid trying to melee them at all costs.

last of us 2 shamblers

You’ll notice pretty quickly that they are hard to take down with routine weapons.

While you can always go for headshots, these tend to be difficult because of how much fungus they have on their head. Instead, we recommend keeping your distance or baiting them into traps.

From distances, be sure to use Molotovs on them, as the burn effect wears them down pretty quickly. Shamblers also aggro to you as soon as you alert them, so take advantage of that with traps.

When a Shambler is chasing you, sprint ahead and lay down a Tripwire Bomb. Running into it will either kill it or slow it down enough to give you plenty of time to deal some damage.

If a Shambler is stunned and you have the chance to fire some shots at it, use your Shotgun. It’s high damage will help keep it at bay and one shot right into its eyes is sometimes enough to kill it.

Can You Stealth Kill Shamblers?

For those who prefer to work a bit more quietly, the question arises as to whether Shamblers can be killed via stealth. Unfortunately, they can’t be killed sneakily, meaning you’ll have to resort to spamming them with ammo or tricking them into one of your tracks.

How to Beat Shamblers Easily in Last of Us 2:

  1. Avoid their gas clouds by sprinting ahead.

    Avoid melee because of these clouds.

  2. Set up Tripwire Bombs.

  3. Throw Molotovs from a distance.

  4. Use headshots as a last resort, as they are hard to hit because of the fungus surrounding their heads.

    It’s important to note they can’t be stealthed.

That is everything you need to know about how to beat Shamblers easily in Last of Us 2. If you’re still on the hunt for more help against the clickers and other enemies plaguing the world, check out our official guides wiki.

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