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Remedy Is Bringing Alan Wake to Xbox Game Pass Next Week

alan wake game pass

Remedy Is Bringing Alan Wake to Xbox Game Pass Next Week

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the studio’s release of Alan Wake, Remedy Entertainment hosted an extra special live stream today. During the event, Remedy announced that its supernatural action-adventure horror game will be made available on Xbox Game Pass for console and for PC on May 21.

Here’s a quick summary of the game from the official site:

When the wife of the best-selling writer Alan Wake disappears on their vacation, his search turns up pages from a thriller he doesn’t even remember writing. A dark presence stalks the small town of Bright Falls, pushing Wake to the brink of sanity in his fight to unravel the mystery and save his love.

It’s also worth noting that digital versions of Alan Wake on Steam, GOG, and The Epic Games Store have been discounted until May 18, putting the price to just under $2 –now that’s a steal.

In other Alan Wake-related news, check out this easter egg that was found in Control and a story about a live-action TV series adaptation that is planned to be led by Peter Calloway (Cloak and Dagger, Legion) as showrunner with Sam Lake (writer of Alan Wake) as the executive producer.

Alan Wake is now available on PC and it will come to Xbox Game Pass on May 21.

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