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Top 15 Most Iconic Call of Duty Maps of All-Time


Top 15 Most Iconic Call of Duty Maps of All-Time

The Call of Duty series has had hundreds of maps over its 16 mainline games. Most fans have their own picks for what the best ones are, but some maps have become famous for a variety of reason over the years. Here are our picks for most iconic Call of Duty maps of all time.

Shipment (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)

shipment, iconic call of duty maps
Image Credit: Fandom

Both the smallest and most chaotic map in the Call of Duty series, Shipment is the antithesis of the modern games’ action. There were no long range shootouts and no tactical flanking manoeuvres, with death being the only real certainty.

With it being essentially the shape of a square with a cross through it, made up of four shipping containers in the centre and a surrounding area to run around, there was only one or two places to go and one or two places to be safe in.

As soon as you spawned, trying to get kills was limited to chucking grenades to the other side of the map or running around aimlessly with your MP5 or Pump Shotgun. Then, with airstrikes and attack helicopters battering the map every couple of minutes, you needed to do your best to not die too often.

Playing Shipment in CoD 4 is an experience Call of Duty has never quite replicated, not that it needed to, and it’s still a popular as ever. Just recently, a 24-hour Shipment only playlist was added to 2019’s Modern Warfare, which is probably exhausting to play, but it doesn’t make it any less of an iconic Call of Duty map.

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