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All Holidays in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons

All Holidays in Animal Crossing New Horizons

As your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons progresses to 5-star perfection, you’ve got all your favorite villagers and filled up your museum, things will start to slow down as far as island life goes. Once you hit that point, the exciting portions that bring you back to the game are holidays and events to bring some spice to the otherwise relaxing time on your getaway.

animal crossing new horizons bunny day holiday

Some holidays have already passed us by, such as the Bunny Day event, giving us a glimpse into the format for future holidays. With week-long events and other things to keep us busy with each new update, we don’t know for sure if more holidays could be added in future DLC or changes, but for now, here are all the holidays in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Holiday List Animal Crossing New Horizons

The following will show each of the events and holidays currently scheduled to occur in Animal Crossing New Horizons by month:

  • January
    • New Year’s Day – Jan. 1
  • February
    • Groundhog Day – Feb. 2
    • Setsubun (Japan) – Feb. 3
    • Festivale – Feb. 11
    • Valentine’s Day – Feb. 14
  • March
    • Shamrock Day – March 17
  • April
    • Bunny Day – April 12
    • Earth Day – April 22
  • May
    • May Day – May 1
  • June
    • Summer Solstice – June 21
  • July
    • Starcrossed Day (Japan) – July 7
  • August
    • Obon (Japan) – Aug. 15
  • September
    • Labor Day – Sept. 2
    • Autumn Moon – Sept. 19
  • October
    • Explorer’s Day – Oct. 14
    • Halloween – Oct. 31
  • November
    • Harvest Festival – Nov. 28
  • December
    • Winter Solstice – Dec. 21
    • Toy Day – Dec. 24
    • New Year’s Eve – Dec. 31

As mentioned, several more events and holidays could be added, but for now, this is the slate of holidays we have to look forward to.

If you’re looking at this list and feeling down about how the Summer is lacking any holidays outside of Japan, don’t fret! Events like the fishing tournaments and bug hunts dominate those months, with other events padding out the schedule beyond the holidays that are currently slated to occur. These separate events occur all throughout the year on top of the holidays themselves to keep us extra busy.

That sums up all the holidays in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Check out the wiki for more guides for all titles, or search Twinfinite for all your video game needs!

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