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Trials of Mana: How to Change Time of Day

Trials of Mana, How to Change Time of Day

Trials of Mana: How to Change Time of Day

The fact that the time of day changes in Trials of Mana might not seem important at first, but after a few hours with the game you’ll likely find yourself wondering how to trigger these changes at will to gain their benefits. That’s why we’re here to walk you through how to change the time of day in Trials of Mana with a detailed guide.

How to Change the Time of Day in Trials of Mana

Changing the time of day in Trials of mana is fairly straight-forward, though it does come at a cost of either time or resources.

At most any town you visit during your adventure, you can sleep at an inn to skip ahead to either the morning or night of the day cycle. This will cost you a small amount of Lucre, but otherwise is an easy way to skip to whichever time of day is most convenient for you.

You can also use a Dream Reed to change the time of day no matter where you are. Found further into the game, these items allow you to manipulate the day cycle at will while in the field.

However, it’s worth noting that these items are somewhat rare finds outside of late-game shops, and shouldn’t be relied on unless you’ve reached this point in the game.

Should neither of these options be available to you, then you can simply wait for the game to switch over from day to night and vice versa automatically. While this method does require some patience, it’s completely free and can give you a better sense of how often the in-game clock is supposed to turn over.

What Changing the Time of Day Does

As for what changing the time of day does in Trials of Mana, it depends on which characters you’re playing as and which towns you’re in.

Some characters receive stat boosts at certain times of the day, and can make boss fights much easier if this fact is taken advantage of. For example, Kevin can transform into a Wolfman during the night and gains a power boost while in this form.

Likewise, certain parts of towns and areas are only available during the day or night. Case in point is the Night Market, which is only open during the evening and offers key services you’ll want to take advantage of whenever possible.

That’s everything there is to know about how to change the time of day in Trials of Mana. For more on the game, check out some of its trailers detailing the origin stories of the main characters and what each character’s advanced class has to offer.

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