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These 5 Square Enix JRPGs Could Use a Remake Too

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These 5 Square Enix JRPGs Could Use a Remake Too

We live in an era of remakes, and the recently released and phenomenal Final Fantasy VII Remake shows just what a truly next-level remake can look like.

So much more than a remaster, a remake is a reimagining of a title that is able to push the bounds of our expectations, and by doing so, create something else entirely.

Over its long and storied history, Square Enix has released some of the best and most beloved JRPGs in the entire genre. Let’s take a look at some games that would make for unbelievable remakes, and as an extra challenge, only look at games outside of the Final Fantasy franchise.

Vagrant Story


Vagrant Story was considered fairly unique (at least in terms of JRPGs) when it released back in 2000; it featured a dark, adult storyline coupled with a complex battle system, and you spent as much time solving platforming challenges and puzzles as you did slaying beasts.

You play as Ashley Riot, a Riskbreaker, who is falsely accused of murdering Duke Bardorba of Valendia. This is revealed in the prologue, and the bulk of the game explores the events of the week before the duke’s death. It’s a twisting tale, replete with political intrigue and death cults, and the ruined city of Lea Monde where it all takes place is a fascinating, and deadly, setting to explore.

A modern remake could expand the scope of the world of Vagrant Story, and bring this grim tale of loyalty, betrayal, and vengeance to an entirely new generation of JRPG fans.

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