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The Sims 4: Top 20 Best House Ideas to Inspire You


The Sims 4: Top 20 Best House Ideas to Inspire You

Are you playing the Sims 4 and trying to find inspiration for your next home? Well, we have a list of amazing and inspirational houses for you to check out that should help you figure out your next building project. Here are some of the best Sims 4 house ideas to get you inspired!

Pokemon Sword and Shield-Inspired

If you’re a fan of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, then you might notice that this location looks oddly familair. That’s because it is a remodel of Hop and Leon’s house in the Galar region and the recreation is simply spot-on!

This could inspre you to create other iconic locations friom the Pokemon franchise or just from other video game series.

Modern Dream

the sims 4 house ideas

Don’t you love admiring these gorgeous houses from across the street while wlaking around a fancy neightbhood? Well, this design idea should give you the motivation the make your own modern dream home, maybe one with a see through pool!

Make sure to use mostly all white for the walls and roofing and you also need to make sure that the pool is able to be seen from the front, since that’s the most important thing.

Yacht House

Going on cruises for family vacation and yachts for partying are some of the most fun that you can have on a boat, but what if your house was actually a yacht of its own?

You can invite people over every frisay night for some drinks and gambling or just keep it all foryourself and gloat to your neighbors and friends.

Winter Vacation Lodge

This Winter Vacation Lodge is an absolutely terrific design idea for those looking for a fancy place to live in during the harsh winter snow. You can place wooden benches in the back, fire pits all over, and you definitely need to have some pine trees, becuase they look awesome covered in snow.

Lake House

OK, so this isn’t your typical lake house but it is a house with a man-made lake in front of it so I’m calling it a lake house.

This tropical house idea for The Sims looks absolutely relaxing and seems like the best place to just kick back and have a martini with some friends. Not sure if that lake is okay to swim in but if so, get those trunks ready.

Backyard Gazebo

gazabo, sims 4, house ideas

If your backyard is feeling a little bare, then adding a gazebo will make it feel more detailed and is a nice yard alternative to the classic pool and deck look. In terms of yard spaces, this home will definitely stand as one of the best Sims 4 house ideas to look at.

All you will really need to do is choose the hexagon shape size with the custom room tool, add a slight foundation to lift it off the ground, add a fence, posts, and roof if you desire, and then lawn furniture and flowers to decorate it further.

For a detailed walkthrough on how to make a gazebo in the Sims 4, check out a step-by-step tutorial here.

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