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7 Big Questions We Have After Beating Final Fantasy 7 Remake (Spoilers)

final fantasy 7 remake

7 Big Questions We Have After Beating Final Fantasy 7 Remake (Spoilers)

When Square Enix first announced its intention to chop Final Fantasy 7 into pieces for the long-awaited remake, fans were understandably skeptical. But four years later and after having completed what turned out to be a 30-hour JRPG epic, most would surely now agree the developer had a plan for the remake that went beyond their expectations.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake deviates from the original story, with its dramatic conclusion revealing an absolute bombshell that blew us away here at Twinfinite. And it’s got us all hotly debating the future of the game moving forward, which prompted this appropriately numbered shortlist of the 7 biggest questions we have after beating the game.

Final spoiler warning! Do not read the article if you’ve not played through the game to its conclusion.

How Much of the Saga Will Be Recognizable Moving Forward?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s story takes a surprising left-turn when it is suddenly revealed that as a result of Cloud and co destroying the Arbiter of Fate, the world of Remake actually isn’t the same as the original’s. More than just a reimagining of a classic, Final Fantasy 7 Remake appears to be operating in some kind of alternate dimension. And throughout the game only Sepiroth had the memo.

So the big question now is whether this unexpected plot twist left the door open for Square Enix to ignore great swathes of the original game? Might we be headed into completely unchartered territory rather than scenes from the original game reimagined?

The alternate dimension angle certainly spices things up. We’re excited to be playing a guessing game over a plot that is otherwise 20 years old, but it’s also a little concerning. While new storytelling is always welcome, there’s so much from the original game we want to see reimagined. Let’s hope there isn’t too much discarded.

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