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Plague Inc: How to Beat Nano Virus

how to beat nano virus plague inc

Plague Inc: How to Beat Nano Virus

The idea of a microscopic killing machine escaping a lab and spreading around the globe is terrifying to think of. The only catch is that this makes you easier to spot right off the bat. Here’s everything you need to know for how to beat Nano Virus in Plague Inc.

Beating Nano Virus in Plague Inc

It’s time to forget (almost) everything you know about beating Plague Inc with a Virus. The instant you enter the world, there will be a cure in the works for your Nano Virus. This means you need to be extra cautious with which symptoms evolve and which genes you select.


Sympto-Stasis, Hydrophile and Aquacyte are important but not necessary genes in a normal run of Nano Virus. Anything above that you’ll absolutely want to take every advantage you can get.

First, Sympto-Stasis will level out the DNA cost for upgrading symptoms. Next, Hydrophile will help your Nano Virus spread at incredibly fast rates in humid climates. Last but not least, Aquacyte will help you reach all those pesky island nations that love to shut down their borders.

Becoming Infectious

Hydrocyte should help you spread fairly quickly in humid climates like India or Brazil. The Nano Virus already spreads ridiculously quickly compared to other plagues, so focus on evolving minor symptoms early.

But first, you’ll want to focus on making sure that the cure gets off to a bad start. Code Fragment Interception and Code Segment Interception act as more impactful versions of Genetic Hardening by greatly slowing the speed of cure research.

As you add symptoms next, avoid the major ones like Total Organ Failure, Coma and Haemorrhagic Shock until much later into your run. Coughing, Sneezing and Pneumonia are good places to start since they help with transmission and aren’t deadly. Any other non-deadly symptoms are also fine.

Once you have those all squared away, then you can focus on more modes of transmission like Air, Water and Extreme Bioaerosol. If the cure is uncomfortably high at this point, then you may want to take a detour and use Radical Elements Stabilised to reduce their progress.

From here, you’ll want to start building up resistances such as Drug Resistance, Cold Resistance and Drug Immunity. This should help you spread more easily through typically colder nations and ones with good healthcare systems.

It’s almost time to start venturing into the fatal symptoms, but you’re not quite there yet. Use the Replication Factory Overload ability to get a quick infectivity boost.

Becoming Fatal – How to Beat Nano Virus in Plague Inc

Now it’s time to get into the fatal symptoms like Total Organ Failure, Paralysis, Coma and Haemorrhagic Shock. You’ll want to make sure you have at or around 100 DNA before doing this if you don’t have the Sympto-Stasis gene.

Only use the Broadcast Interceptor Overload if you’re close to victory and the cure is reaching completion. It will set back cure research by a large amount. However, your Nano Virus will become more susceptible to being cured a few weeks after using the Interceptor Overload ability.

Genetic Reshuffle is a safer option, but it won’t set the cure research back as far as the Interceptor Overload will. If you follow all that properly, then victory should be a foregone conclusion by this point.

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Here’s a summary of how to beat Nano Virus in Plague Inc:

  1. Use Genes

    Sympto-Stasis, Hydrophile and Aquacyte are the most important genes to have, but they’re not a must.

  2. Become Infectious

    Use a combination of coughing, sneezing and air transmission to spread quickly around the world.

  3. Use Code Fragment and Segment Interception

    These will help decrease the speed at which a cure for your plague can be formulated.

  4. Build up Cold and Drug Immunities

    These will help your Nano Virus spread more easily through cold climates and nations with good healthcare systems.

  5. Replication Factory Overload

    Once your Nano Virus is at peak infectivity, you can activate this ability to boost it even more.

  6. Become Fatal

    Now it’s time to get the symptoms like Coma, Haemorrhagic Shock and Total Organ Failure to wipe out the World’s population with your Nano Virus.

  7. Combat the Cure

    Use Genetic Reshuffles and Broadcast Interceptor Overload to set back cure progress if it’s getting close to 100 percent. Then, the virus should do the rest of the work and end the world.

That’s all there is to know about how to beat Nano Virus in Plague Inc. If you’re having any trouble with Necroa Virus, Bacteria or regular Viruses, then just check out our guides on each one.

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