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Nioh 2: How to Get Prestige Points & What They’re For

Nioh 2 Prestige Points

Nioh 2: How to Get Prestige Points & What They’re For

Nioh 2 can be a tough game, just like others of its kind. Sometimes you’ll need a bit of an extra edge stats-wise to stay alive. That’s where Prestige Points come into play. Here’s how to get Prestige Points and what they are used for in Nioh 2.

How to Get Prestige Points in Nioh 2

First of all, Prestige Points are separated into two categories: Ungyo and Agyo. Each category has different requirements for gaining their respective points.

However, both categories require you to increase your Reputation by obtaining Titles. As you obtain Titles, a Reputation meter will fill up. Once it’s full, you’ll have either an Ungyo or Agyo Title.

Nioh 2 Prestige Points Ungyo Main

For example, obtaining 10 Soul Cores from enemies will provide an Agyo Title, whereas killing 10 enemies with a bow will provide an Ungyo Title. Specific details on how to gain Titles can be found in the “Titles” section of the menu after you complete a few main missions.

Though, the details will remain hidden until you perform the action at least once, so playing in many different ways will reveal more Title requirements.

Nioh 2 Prestige Points Ungyo Titles

What Prestige Points Are Used For in Nioh 2

Both Ungyo and Agyo Prestige Points allow for various passive buffs to aid you as you play through the game. They can range from simply increasing your Ki recovery, to making your Elixirs provide more health.

The Prestige Points function similarly to Badass Tokens and Guardian Tokens in Borderlands 2 and 3. Once you obtain points, you can use them to choose a slight stat increase from one of two lists.

The buff that you choose from the lists will then be replaced by another random buff so that you can’t pick the same one twice in a row. The lists will look like this:

That’s everything you need to know about how to use Prestige Points in Nioh 2 and what they are for. If you just bought the game and need a few more tips, check out our Guide Wiki along with these other guides below:

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