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5 Incredible Details in Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo To Get You Hyped for the Full Release

final fantasy vii remake

5 Incredible Details in Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo To Get You Hyped for the Full Release

Final Fantasy VII Remake is due to hit PS4 on April 10. Fan hype is palpable, and Square Enix knows this. That’s why, to really raise the roof with hype levels, the developer and publisher dropped a Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo taking players through the first chapter in the Mako Reactor.

To get you suitably hyped for the game’s full release, we played through the Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo and made notes of some of the most impressive details we spotted as we played through.

Please note, we’ve done our best to get images that show the details we’re talking about, but it’s not always possible to see the details as clearly in the images than when playing the game in real-time on a crisp 4K OLED display.

Jessie’s Armor Imperfections

Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo

The action of Final Fantasy VII isn’t the first time our party of characters has found themselves in trouble. It’s something that’s kinda clear from their combat, and even more obvious when you take a closer look at their gear.

Jessie’s, in particular, looks rather well-worn and tarnished over the years. When the light catches it just right, you can see imperfections from when it was crafted. Perhaps the ore just had some slight marks that couldn’t be hammered out. Perhaps those small dents and scratches are from narrowly avoiding death from a blaster shot. Or perhaps it’s the only trace of a close-shave Jessie had with an enemy blade in the past.

Whatever the story, the point here is simple. These tiny details make the world feel lived in. These characters have had lives before we came around to join them on this latest adventure, and there’s evidence of it if you look close enough.

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