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Doom Eternal vs Animal Crossing New Horizons: Which Game Should You Buy If You Can Only Pick One?


Doom Eternal vs Animal Crossing New Horizons: Which Game Should You Buy If You Can Only Pick One?

Gaming is providing a beautiful distraction right now from the crazy outside world. This year has been pretty dry in terms of huge game releases, but March has seen many heavy hitters finally start to release. The two biggest for us being Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing New Horizons.

With many of us self-quarantine now and out of work, we might only have the option to purchase one. But which is for you? And which are you allowing to tempt you from your work at home lifestyle? Let’s find out!


doom eternal

In terms of story, both offer VERY different experiences. I mean, one is a action heavy FPS experience, whereas the other is a slow, charming life simulator game. Trying to compare their individual stories is hard, but let’s break it down.

Doom Eternal prioritizes a more narrative driven experience. The Doom reboot in 2016 started this new incarnation of the franchise and Doom Eternal carries the torch to this iteration.

It’s adrenaline inducing and a blood fueled nightmare through a hellish landscape. Unlike the original Doom games, the reboot does prioritize some it’s time in telling a story. Not only that, but it is filled with collectibles that build upon the lore of the world for those who wish to explore.

Now, Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the other hand, lacks that narrative driven gameplay to push you forward. Instead, it’s all about the stories you make. Being in control of a whole island and its inhabitants provides you the tools to create you own adventures.

Every day, new events take place and creates a longer experience than Doom Eternal does, but less focused. With no definitive end, Animal Crossing New Horizons doesn’t have an end. In that view, it’s clear that Doom Eternal has the better story out of the two.

Winner: Doom Eternal

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