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2 Things Bleeding Edge Gets Right & 2 Things It Gets Wrong


2 Things Bleeding Edge Gets Right & 2 Things It Gets Wrong

Right: Unique, Great Feeling Combat

In my review of Bleeding Edge I wasn’t always kind, but the most important thing that Ninja Theory got right without a doubt was the combat. If you’re a fan of brawlers and beat-em-ups, Bleeding Edge does feel great to play and is absolutely worth a shot.

Every character has a set of basic and advanced combinations unique to their play style and of course a suite of special attack abilities that define them.

For example, Daemon is a ninja/samurai-like character that can go stealth and sneak up behind other characters to unleash powerful combos and special moves. Gizmo, on the other hand, is also a damage dealer hero, but she prefers to set up turrets and combine them with her minigun for slower, but steadier, ranged sustained damage.

You can dodge and evade attacks easily, perform get-up attacks reminiscent of fighting games, and some characters have movement skills that stand out from the rest.

Buttercup rides a motorized unicycle and instead of evading, she can just simply drive away for a limited time. Cass can’t even mount like the other characters and instead, she uses her cybernetic legs. After a few seconds to build up speed, she can run around the battlefield as if she was on a mount to chase down enemies.

Although I wish there were more characters to experiment with, and I’ll get to that in just a second, the ones that Bleeding Edge does have are fun to play with and thrive in the battlefield that Ninja Theory has created.

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