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Dear Arc System Works, These 10 Anime Fighting Games Need to Get Made Too

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Dear Arc System Works, These 10 Anime Fighting Games Need to Get Made Too

Generally speaking, fighting games tend to have a high barrier to entry for newcomers. When Arc System Works made a more accessible fighting game with one of the most popular anime of all time in Dragon Ball FighterZ, things changed.

Of course, Super Smash Bros. is the most obvious exception to that generalization. But when people saw the unique Guilty Gear-infused style of FighterZ, and more recently, Granblue Fantasy VS, minds started racing.

How do those animations look so good? How do these games look better than the shows? Why did anyone else get to make an anime fighter like Jump Force when ArcSys exists? The world may never know, but here are 10 anime that could potentially blow minds if ArcSys got its hands on them.

One Piece

Arc System Works Anime Fighting Game One Piece

Given its popularity, One Piece is easily one of the first choices that comes to mind when thinking of the next anime Arc System Works should make a fighting game for. It’s the only manga that has sold more than Dragon Ball, so that should tell you something about how much people love it.

One Piece has more than its fair share of games, but let’s be honest, the manga will never end, so neither will the game releases. We might as well get one that’s different from the others. Just imagine all of those Devil Fruit powers in that signature ArcSys art style.

ArcSys even developed a One Piece game in the past, so this may not be completely out of the question. The main issue might actually be narrowing down the characters for a realistic roster because of the ridiculous size of the One Piece world. The Straw Hats alone have around 10 members so far.

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