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4 Things to Know Before Playing Doom Eternal


4 Things to Know Before Playing Doom Eternal

Its Difficulty Makes You Think

doom eternal

Doom Eternal ups the difficulty in its gameplay more so than Doom 2016 did. Granted, the difficulty options in the menu are the same but Doom Eternal kicks it up a notch with its overwhelmingly aggressive enemies.

Compared to its predecessor, there are a lot more enemy types, each with their own specific set of skills and attacks that come at you like you just insulted their mom.

Because these enemies can easily overwhelm you, strategy needs to come into play. You need to prioritize specific demons like the long ranged fighters or the demons that like to get up close and personal. Maybe you need to deliberately group together some of the weaker targets to hit them all with a grenade so they stop bothering you.

And maybe you need to perpetually run like hell around the combat zone because a Marauder wants to become your best friend.

Doom Eternal also features enemy weak points that you can take advantage of to help give you some breathing space in combat. So, to add to the strategy, you need to be thinking of breaking a Revenant’s missile launcher or a Mancubus’ cannon before even thinking about the Hell Knight sprinting towards you.

Doom Eternal really makes itself unique by, instead of simply just being excessively and crazily violent, adding a twist of brain power to the mix.

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