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FFXIV: How to Get Walnut Lumber

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FFXIV: How to Get Walnut Lumber

Now that we’re in between main story patches in Final Fantasy XIV, it’s certainly a good time to start digging into the side content or leveling up your crafting and gathering classes. Here’s how to get Walnut Lumber and what it’s for in FFXIV.

How to Get Walnut Lumber in FFXIV

Walnut Lumber is a crafted material that can be traded or bought from other players. If you don’t want to put in the legwork to obtain it yourself, you can always check the market board on your server to purchase it.

Alternatively, if you have been improving your standing with the Ixali beast tribe, you can purchase it directly from the Ixali vendor in Ehcatl for 219 gil.

However, if you’ve been keeping up with your crafting and gathering classes, you can obtain Walnut Lumber pretty easily. You’ll need to have your Botanist and Carpenter classes up to level 25 at the very least to get started.

First of all, you’ll need to obtain Walnut Logs, which are the base material required to craft the Lumbers. With your Botanist, head to the Upper Paths area of South Shroud – Quarrymill, and start logging away. You’ll be able to obtain Walnut Logs from the trees here.

After that, switch to your Carpenter job and check your crafting log for the Walnut Lumber recipe. You’ll only need three Logs to craft one Lumber, so make sure you have a good stock available. And that’s basically it. Depending on how much Walnut Lumber you need, you’ll have to spend a bit more time farming the Logs.

What It’s For

Walnut Lumber can be used in a variety of recipes, and are mainly for decorative furniture that you can display in your house or mansion. Here’s the full list of recipes it’s used in:

  • Ahriman Bookshelf, Chair, Cupboard, Round Table, Screen, Sideboard
  • Arbor Interior Wall
  • Assorted Fruit
  • Bas-relief Steel Saw
  • Bull Hoplon
  • Crowsbeak Hammer
  • Deluxe Glade Pendant Lamp
  • Deluxe Riviera Pendant
  • Display Stand
  • Funguar Chair
  • Galleass Wheel
  • Gemscope
  • Glade Classical Door, Desk, Flooring, House Roof (Composite, Wood), House Wall (Composite, Wood), Interior Wall, Lancet Door, Partition, Placard, Stall, Table, Thatch Chimney, Wardrobe
  • Goatskin Targe
  • Half Barrel Planter
  • Heavy Steel Lance, Mortar
  • Initiate’s Grinding Wheel
  • Iron Chocobotail Saw, Dolabra, Head Knige, Raising Hammer
  • Lotus Parasol
  • Manor Bookshelf, Couch, Cupboard, Desk, Highback Chair, Music Stand, Music Stool, Sofa, Table, Wardrobe
  • Mythril Baselards, Bhuj
  • Oasis Arched Door, Banner, Chair, Classical Door, Crowned Door, Cupboard, Flooring, Half Partition, House Roof, House Wall, Partition Door, Wall
  • Plumed Iron Hatchet
  • Raptorskin Artisan’s Belt
  • Retainer Cartonnier
  • Riviera Armchair, Couch, Cupboard, Dining Table, Flooring, House Roof (Composite, Stone) Interior Wall, Lamppost, Ornate Door, Round Table, Stall, Studded Door, Wardrobe, Wooden Awning
  • Shipping Crate
  • Siltstone Grinding Wheel
  • Silver Battle Fork
  • Spiked Steel Labrys
  • Staghorn Fishing Rod
  • Standing Signboard
  • Steel-barreled Musketoon, Awl, Broadsword, Chaser Hammer, Claw Hammer, Claws, Cross-pein Hammer, Culinary Knife, Falchion, Halberd, Knives, Longsword, Mortar, Ornamental Hammer, Pickaxe, Scythe, Sledgehammer, Spear, Zweihander
  • Stepladder
  • Tree Slice Tower
  • Viper-crested Round Shield
  • Wall Planter
  • Walnut Cane, Cartonnier, Dining Table, Fishing Rod, Interior Wall, Macuahuitl, Pattens, Spinning Wheel, Table, Skillet
  • Wrapped Iron Raising Hammer
  • Yarzonshell Harpoon

To recap, here’s how to get Walnut Lumber:

  1. Get your Botanist and Carpenter up to level 25.

  2. Farm Walnut Logs from the trees at the South Shroud – Quarrymill, Upper Paths area.

  3. Craft Walnut Lumber with your Carpenter.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Walnut Lumber in FFXIV. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game. We’ve also got guides on how to start new game plus and the new Copied Factory alliance raid.

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