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10 Best Dreams Levels You Need to Play Right Now

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10 Best Dreams Levels You Need to Play Right Now

For many, creating is the name of the game in Dreams. For the less creative among us though, we’ll want to check out the best that the world’s creators have to offer. Here are the best Dreams levels we’ve found so far that you should play as soon as possible.

We’ll continue to update this piece with more levels as we play more, so keep checking back for more. You can also check them out at, where you can add them to your list to play later.

SlidEout 3019 – gauffreman

Best Dreams Levels

best dreams levels

If you’re missing Wipeout, SlidEout 3019 is a near perfect replication. I had some issues with the camera when being bumped by the side of the track, but it’s a beautiful game that feels great to play.

It’s quick, tense, and requires a lot of focus. It’ll take some getting used to, but it’s great, basic Wipeout.

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