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5 Video Game Character Ships That Need to Happen Already


5 Video Game Character Ships That Need to Happen Already

Video Games are no strangers to the idea of romance and heart-felt moments, but they’re also no stranger to video game characters never taking the leap towards confessing their feelings to one another. Case in point: Here are five pairs of video game characters who need to get together already. *Warning: Some Spoilers Ahead*

Cloud and Tifa (Final Fantasy VII)

While many a Final Fantasy VII fan might already ship the pair of Cloud and Tifa as a couple, the two RPG legends have never actually gotten together.

Sure, there’s been romantic moments between them. They had a night shared talking on a water tower as kids and a promise to reunite in the future.

Then, as adults, they were there for each other through revolutionary attacks on corporations and paralysis caused by Mako exposure.

And yet, every time they have the chance to get together, something comes up, whether it’s another love interest getting in the way or a planetary catastrophe forcing them to focus on more important matters.

But then, who among RPG characters hasn’t had these exact dilemmas come up, and moved past them with tact and grace to end up together?

It’s time for these crazy kids to embrace their feelings for each other. Lord knows they share common interests, and with a pin stuck in any potential romantic competition – sorry, not sorry – there’s really no reason this year can’t finally be the year their love blossoms in earnest.

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