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This Untitled Goose Fan-Made Game Will Mess up Your Desktop


This Untitled Goose Fan-Made Game Will Mess up Your Desktop

We’ve seen memes for the Untitled Goose Game, an inventive Lego set, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot mods, gorgeous fanart, and it seems that this terrible goose will not stop at making a name for itself. It’s already enough that the indie puzzler has managed to surpass one million copies sold but now, somebody has made a game that stars a goose and the goose will mess up your Windows desktop.

Desktop Goose is a “downloadable goose-sperience for Windows” that is available on and all it does is conjure up a cute little goose that lives on your computer but it definitely won’t behave.

The goose will grab your mouse cursor, track mud all over the screen, leave you messages on your notepad, and you might even see a meme or two from the terrible bird.

And just look what can happen if you leave the goose by itself for just 30 minutes –chaos I tell you, chaos!

untitled goose game, fan-made windows desktop

Oh, and if you do end up downloading this to your desktop, there’s only one way to make it go away and that’s done by holding down the escape key to fight the goose off.

But if you genuinely enjoy having a goose by your side while you browse the interwebs, this fan-made game is sure to keep you entertained for quite some time.

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