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10 Twitch Tips for Starting a High Quality Stream

twitch, streaming

10 Twitch Tips for Starting a High Quality Stream

Build a Good PC or Stream Directly From a Console

Tips for a High Quality Twitch Stream

twitch, streaming

Having a solid PC can be a big part of having a good Twitch stream. Of course the content and your personality matter, but it’s all just a waste if nobody can see or hear what’s going on. Of all the Twitch tips we can offer up, this is probably among the most important.

If you’re streaming PC games, then this is already a given. If you have a good computer for gaming, then chances are you’ll either have a good PC for streaming already or you’ll just need to upgrade the CPU and GPU. This can get expensive for PC users pretty quickly.

There’s also an option to use one PC as a gaming PC and another as the streaming one, but that can be a bit much for a beginner. If you can’t afford a second PC or an upgrade, then you can always get creative with your settings and stream at least 720p.

Fortunately, two current-gen consoles have Twitch streaming capabilities built-in for those who don’t have powerful PCs. Both the PS4 and Xbox One consoles can do this. It’s not as ideal as having a computer that can handle it, but it’s better than trying on a low-quality PC.

If you are planning to stream on console, you’ll need a good capture card. Both consoles that have 4K output also have the option to use without a capture card, so your best bet for the money is one that captures 1080p.

twitch, streaming

There are many solid capture cards out there for HD streaming. There are even ones that have 4K HDR passthrough if you want to use a card for streaming your PS4 Pro or Xbox One X without taking a hit in image quality on your screen.

Either way, the best cards are going to be ones that are installed internally in a desktop PC. They’ll have the fastest and most stable connection to the computer you’re using for streaming. If you have a laptop, then a USB 3.0 capture card is the way to go.

I’m not going to push any specific cards on you, but Elgato, AVerMedia, and Razer all have some great options when it comes to streaming content to Twitch via an HDMI connection.

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