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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot vs Xenoverse 2 – Which Is the Better DBZ Game?


Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot vs Xenoverse 2 – Which Is the Better DBZ Game?

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot marks the latest video game adaptation of the Dragon Ball Z series, and while it has its flaws, it’s still a bold step forward for Dragon Ball games. The same has been said for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 though, so we’re here to answer the question: Which is the better Dragon Ball game, Kakarot or Xenoverse 2?


When it comes to graphical fidelity, it’s hard not to see how badly Dragon Ball Z Kakarot out-paces Xenoverse 2.

Made with the same cell-shaded style as One Piece: World Seeker, Kakarot offers some stunning recreations of both the Dragon Ball world and its characters. Character models pop with color and details ranging from clothing folding over martial arts school emblems realistically, to hair flapping in the breeze during flight.

And that’s to say nothing of the fights. Everything moves, smashes and crashes with a fluidity that does justice to the manga and anime, lending a real impact to the combat other games can’t live up to. Kamehameha Waves, Special Beam Cannons and Galick Guns have never felt as explosive as they do here.

Granted, this isn’t to say Xenoverse 2 is or has been slouching in the graphics department. Tasked with melding and blending together every style and design aesthetic from across the Dragon Ball series’, the game manages to find a nice balance between everything, making it all look presentable and drawing you further into its action and story.

As a result, though, nothing really stands out as a product of its section of the series. Everything has a glossy, almost plastic appearance, and while it fits with the concept of smashing DBZ action figures together in an arena fighter setting, it doesn’t do much for keeping players’ eyes glued to the game.

Overall, it just can’t keep up with Kakarot’s more refined presentation, and graphical fidelity hounds will have a clear favorite when they’re held up side by side.

Winner: Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

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