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3 Awesome Features Pokemon Should Steal From Temtem


3 Awesome Features Pokemon Should Steal From Temtem

The Stamina System

By far the biggest difference between Pokemon and Temtem is the implementation of the stamina system in the latter. Whereas the Pokemon series opts for the PP system where you can only use each move a set number of times, Temtem goes for a slightly different approach.

Instead of using PP, Temtem makes use of a stamina system where your moves will deplete a portion of your stamina bar. While you do recharge a little bit of stamina with each turn, this means that you can’t just spam the same moves over and over again in the same battle, and you really need to think tactically about the moves you’re taking.

Though we certainly wouldn’t want Pokemon to just copy Temtem’s stamina system wholesale, it would be nice to have some tweaks or adjustment to the PP feature to make it a little more challenging or in-depth.

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