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10 Best Star Wars Games Every Fan Needs to Play


10 Best Star Wars Games Every Fan Needs to Play

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

The Lego Star Wars games were what helped push Lego games into popularity, and their brand of slapstick and spoof humor is still genuinely hilarious.

The Complete Saga lets you play through Episodes I-VI, providing plenty of content whether you want to play alone, or with someone else.

Each game takes you through a variety of missions based on the respective movie. Some of these are open roaming levels that let you search for secrets and bricks, while others are more linear, letting you take control of various ships or vehicles.

There are a whopping 160 playable characters, meaning no matter what you’ll probably get to play as your favorite Star Wars hero or villain.

There are few video games out there that let you play through every film (excluding the sequel trilogy), making this Lego title a must-play.

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