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Sims Holiday Gift Guide 2019 for the Mega Fan

sims fan gift guide

Sims Holiday Gift Guide 2019 for the Mega Fan

The holidays are right around the corner and if you are looking for Sims holiday gift ideas for the Sims fan in your family, look no further.

With the latest Sims 4 expansion, Discover University, releasing on Nov. 15, there is plenty to get excited about when it comes to this longstanding franchise.

If you are on the hunt for a special gift or two that is Sims related, you are in luck, here is our Sims Fan Holiday Gift Guide for 2019:

The Sims 4 Expansions

sims 4 realm of magic learn magic

Expansions for the Sims 4 are what bring new life to the game by adding new activities, costumes, items and even more that help expand the game and increases its replayability.

If the Sims fan in your life doesn’t have the latest expansions or is missing a few from the previous releases, the few listed below are sure to bring them a smile when they open up their gifts this holiday season.

Here are a few of the most recently released expansions that you can look to gift:

Ep 05 – Seasons – The fifth expansion in the Sims 4 series that brought new weather events and seasons to the game. This allows players to experience spring, summer, winter, and fall. It also includes new outfits and a new career, the Botanist.

Ep 06 – Get Famous – Get Famous is the sixth expansion released for The Sims 4 that allows for players to let their sims become famous. This adds new career paths such as Acting and Social Media Influencer to the game as well as adding new luxury items to purchase.

Ep 07 – Island Living – This expansion brings Sims fans to the new tropical world of Sulani and includes new career paths such as Conservationist, Lifeguard, and even playable Mermaids.

Ep 08 – Discover University – The latest expansion in the Sims 4 Franchise, releasing on Nov. 15, allows for players to enroll in a University of their choice and study various subjects that will help expand their careers and allow them to live up the college lifestyle using their beloved sims.

If you find yourself not sure which expansion to purchase, you can always purchase an EA Origin gift card. This gift card is a perfect Sims fan holiday gift because they can decide what they would like to spend it on. This will ensure that you do no buy something that the gift receiver already has.

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