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Outer Worlds: How to Get Sedative Gas Canister & What It’s Used for

The Outer Worlds, How to Get Sedative Gas Canister and What it's Used For

Outer Worlds: How to Get Sedative Gas Canister & What It’s Used for

The Outer Worlds is ripe with different options you can use to clear quests, though not all of them are clear at first glance. That’s why we’re here to walk you through how to get the Sedative Gas Canister and what it’s used for in the Outer Worlds.

How to Get the Sedative Gas Canister and What It’s Used for in The Outer Worlds

About one-third of the way through The Outer Worlds, you’ll come across Roseway, an outpost that has been overrun with Raptidons and outlaws.

Through the main quest, you’ll be tasked with assisting a researcher in clearing out these threats, though you’ll have the option of putting the Raptidons and their Matriarch to sleep to ensure he can continue his research after the chaos has died down.

This is what you’ll need the Sedative Gas Canister for; or more specifically, what you’ll need three Sedative Gas Canisters for.

Where to Find Every Sedative Gas Canister

After entering the facility and making your way toward the Raptidon Incubation area, you’ll come across a terminal in the lower portion of the Raptidon Incubation area that can disperse Sedative Gas into the facility to put every Raptidon to sleep. To do so though, you’ll need to have three Sedative Gas Canisters in your inventory.

These Canisters are spread around the facility in pretty random places, so we’ve identified their locations with screenshots below.

How to Get Sedative Gas Canister & What It's Used for

The first Sedative Gas Canister you can find in The Outer Worlds is near the area’s entrance.

After entering the secret lab, go into the wide open room and head toward the vending machine in the top left corner. The Canister, which has bright red lines on it, will be to the left of the vending machine, right beside a small purple light.

How to Get Sedative Gas Canister & What It's Used for

The next Canister is right outside the Raptidon holding area.

From the first Canister, head south down the hallway toward the wide open room on the left side of the map. Just before entering the room, you’ll see a terminal to your right. Up and to the right of the terminal you’ll see the next Sedative Gas Canister.

The last Canister is inside the Raptidon Incubation area. This makes it the most difficult to obtain, as you’ll need to sneak by the Raptidon Matriarch as well as several basic Raptidon enemies to reach it; and, if you’re detected, your companions may end up killing them all and failing the quest requirement.

To avoid this, equip gear that raises your sneak skill and, if you want to be extra cautious, leave your companions on the Unreliable. Then, sneak around the area from the left side and circle toward the far side of the room. Take your time and hide behind objects when necessary, and before long you should nab the last Sedative Gas Canister you need.

How to Disperse the Sedative Gas Canisters in The Outer Worlds

Once you’ve gathered all of the Sedative Gas Canisters in The Outer Worlds, you’ll only need to complete a couple more steps to disperse them.

How to Get Sedative Gas Canister & What It's Used for

After obtaining the last tank, make your way back around the Incubation room toward the top right corner. This may be tricky, as the basic Raptidon enemies tend to patrol this section at strange intervals. However, if you wait behind some cover, they’ll eventually make their way back toward the Matriarch.

Once you reach the corner, you’ll see some machinery with some circular openings. Head toward the machinery, and then interact with it to place the Sedative Gas Canisters.

After you’ve done this, head to the lower portion of the room and interact with the terminal mentioned earlier. Select the ventilate gas option, and then you’ll have successfully put all of the Raptidons to sleep peacefully.

Hopefully, this cleared up how to get the Sedative Gas Canister and what it’s used for. For more on The Outer Worlds, check out our guide wiki as well as guides on some hot topics like how to get Spacer gear and how to complete the Chimerist’s Last Experiment quest.

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