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Outer Worlds: Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel: How to Get Spacer Gear

The Outer Worlds, Spacer Gear

Outer Worlds: Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel: How to Get Spacer Gear

The Outer Worlds is chock-full of side quests, most of which provide fairly clear instructions and waypoints to help direct you to each objective. There’s one or two, however, that don’t, and Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel is definitely one of them. Here’s how to get Spacer Armor on your way to completing the Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel side quest.

How to Get Spacer Gear in The Outer Worlds

The Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel side quests tasks you with finding three different armor sets for Celeste, an NPC who’s making contraband apparel and wants you to pose in her wares. The trouble is, she needs raw materials that are found in Marauder, Iconoclast, and Spacer gear.

Specifically, she’ll give you helmet and suit combinations. However, you should keep in mind that any armor you find with the faction’s name in the description will actually work.

Spacer Gear

As for where Spacer gear is found, head over to Groundbreaker and speak with the Spratwurst Vendor and check his wares. If he’s out of stock then try a different merchant in the area. But basically, the long and short of it is that most Groundbreaker merchants should stock Spacer gear.

Iconoclast Outfit

Just to help you on your way we’ll also run you through the other locations, starting with the Iconoclast outfit. This can be found on Marauder, generally at any vendor but more commonly at those found outside the town in Amber Heights and Fallbrook.

Marauder Outfit

This is the easiest to acquire; you’ll just need to murder a few marauders, and they’re found on virtually every sandbox.

Primal Leather, Raptidon Flank, Mantiqueen Chitin

Once you have collected all three pieces of gear, Celeste will ask you for Primal Leather, Raptidon Flank, and Mantiqueen Chitin. All of these can be acquired by hunting and killing the respective creatures, which are found on most planets.

However, you can purchase the latter from a vendor at Stellar Bay on Monarch. His name is Sebastian Adams and he can be found on the back door of Sanjar’s office.

That should give you everything you need to know about how to get Spacer Gear and how to complete the Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel side quest in The Outer Worlds.

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