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Need for Speed Heat: How to Escape the Cops

Need for Speed escape cops

Need for Speed Heat: How to Escape the Cops

Before launch, Ghost Games stated that there was a “major focus” on improving the cops in this iteration of Need for Speed. Well, they were true to their word. The police are not playing around this time, so here are some tips on how to escape the cops in Need for Speed Heat.

The casual police brutality shown during a cutscene in the first 20 minutes of the game may have been a slight indicator of things to come in the gameplay. With that said, many players took issue with the difficulty of the police chases.

If you find yourself getting busted more often than not, read on to get some help with evading the cops in those tense situations.

How to Escape the Cops in Need for Speed Heat

Ramps are Your Best Friends

First of all, you’ll have to get creative to break out of chases in Need for Speed Heat. There’s a complete lack of anything resembling the pursuit breakers found in previous entries in the series.

One of the best ways to lose the cops is to use ramps that lead to long jumps. The police are more likely to lose you on longer and higher jumps. The ramps that have you jump off of highways are the best examples of this.

Ramps can be helpful even if you fail to properly complete the jump. Jumping from a ramp into water will cause cops to follow your lead, except they can’t respawn.

Ramps are located near the billboard collectibles. There are several in each district. Keep an eye out for them on your map while speeding around town if you’re having trouble escaping the cops in Need for Speed Heat.

Equip Auxiliary Parts

When driving skills just don’t cut it, you can turn to new technology for help. Auxiliary parts can upgrade your car by giving it one passive ability and one active ability. These augments range from Kill Switch Jammers to Radar Disruptors.

Go to the Garage and select Performance under the My Ride tab in order to choose the auxiliary parts that best suit your play style. There are options for both aggressive and stealthy drivers.

Radar Disruptors make it harder for cops to find you after losing sight of your car. When you find a good place to hide, turning off your engine is also a good idea.

On the other hand, passive damage increases or damage reductions can allow more physical drivers to survive longer. However, destroying police cars causes your Heat to increase faster, thus making it a riskier option.

It can be tough to do, but those are our best tips on how to escape the cops in Need for Speed Heat. Check out our guides below to find the answers to other questions about the game.

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