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How Long Do Pokemon Sword & Shield Take to Beat? Answered

How long do Pokemon Sword & Shield take to beat

How Long Do Pokemon Sword & Shield Take to Beat? Answered

With Pokemon Sword & Shield being the first main-line Pokemon games not on a non-handheld (as much as I will always love Colosseum, they don’t count as main-line) there’s a curiosity floating around about how long the game actually is. Don’t worry, the answer you seek within will be entirely without spoilers. Here is how long Pokemon Sword & Shield take to beat? Answered.

How Long Do Pokemon Sword & Shield Take to Beat? Answered

For us, the credits rolled at 49 1/2 hours after what could be called a leisurely pace of playing and lots of stopping to catch new Pokemon showing up in the grass. This run ended with 182 Pokemon caught to 298 seen.

This time is by no means a speed run, and a majority of the time was spent running around the wild area you are introduced to early on. As you progress there is more and more of it to see, as catching higher leveled Pokemon is locked behind gym badges where it used to be that high level Pokemon simply wouldn’t always obey battle commands.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily the end of Pokemon Sword & Shield, as you can see, this Pokedex is nowhere near filled, and that will certainly take figuring out some trading partners.

With a more careful party selection strategy Pokemon Sword & Shield could probably be finished in the half the time our playthrough took. It’s definitely not a short game, and true to Pokemon form, there is always more hidden behind the credits.

How Long Does it Take to Beat Pokemon Sword & Shield?

Roughly 40-55 hours depending on how fast you’re playing through it.

There you have it, that is your answer for how long do Pokemon Sword & Shield take to beat.

If you’re still working your way through, take a quick look at our guide wiki for Pokemon Sword & Shield or use these few handy guides

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