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December 2019 PS Plus Free Games Predictions


December 2019 PS Plus Free Games Predictions

The Big Game – The Last Guardian

PS Plus Free Games Predictions

Every month, subscribers to Sony’s online platform on PS4 are also gifted two free games through PS Plus.

Last month, those free games included Outlast 2 and Nioh. It just so happens Outlast 2 was one of our predictions for October 2019 two months ago as well.

Usually one larger game headlines the list, and for the upcoming month of December 2019 we predict that game will be The Last Guardian developed by SIE Japan Studio and published by Sony.

It’s clear why Sony would be more inclined to offer its own personally published games on PS Plus. There’s less risk and any information used to determine whether the game is preforming well enough to prolong offering it for free in any way is completely in the hands of Sony.

Rationally speaking, Sony has a huge track record with offering its published games on PS Plus. Examples of some of the bigger ones off the top of ones head include Until Dawn in July 2017, Bloodbourne in March 2018, Detroit: Become Human in July 2019, The Last of Us Remastered in October 2019, and most recently Nioh this month for November 2019. The list quite literally goes on and on.

The Last Guardian specifically would be a great choice because it’s been a considerable amount of time since its release date for Sony to consider offering it for free (three years with it releasing in December 2016), and The Last Guardian failed to sell well back in 2016 with other games like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, FIFA 17 and others out-shining it.

If we don’t see The Last Guardian next month, then suspect it sometime very soon.

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