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Best Video Game Remakes of All Time, Ranked


Best Video Game Remakes of All Time, Ranked

15. Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

Metal Gear Solid is one of the most prolific games of all time, even creating the brand new genre of Stealth-Action. Recreating such a classic experience is no small task, but it’s one that developer Silicon Knights took to with gusto.

The Twin Snakes is a complete remake of the first Metal Gear Solid, that leaves the core experience intact, while adding on a number of enhancements.

The voiced dialogue has been completely re-recorded with the original cast, bumping up the quality over the PS1 game, and there are new cutscenes that help flesh out the story or enhance the action.

While all of the game’s areas and enemies remain the same, The Twin Snakes’ gameplay was tuned to more closely match that of Metal Gear Solid 2. AI was improved and you had the option of shooting from first-person mode, among other things.

Sadly, the Twin Snakes never made its way off of the Nintendo GameCube, but it still remains a remake worthy of the Metal Gear name.

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