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4 Reasons Why Death Stranding is Worth Diving Into Right Now


4 Reasons Why Death Stranding is Worth Diving Into Right Now

Live Out Your Deliveryman Dreams

Ever wondered what it’d be like to be a deliveryman in a crazy sci-fi world? Well, then Death Stranding is the game for you. Oh, you haven’t? Well, Death Stranding still is an interesting take on a rather sounding mundane idea.

You play as Sam Porter Bridges, a deliveryman tasked with “reconnecting” the fractured cities of America. The core gameplay of Death Stranding revolves around taking on packages, stacking or equipping them on Sam, and then making your way to the delivery destination.

It sounds tedious, and it is, but there’s just something weirdly engaging about all of it. You’ll need to optimize your packages to stack them the right way and distribute weight, then make sure you have the proper tools and equipment with you for your journey.

You can use objects like ladders and climbing spikes to help yourself over terrain, and Sam’s stamina is a constant factor you’ll need to manage. At the same time you’ll always need to work to balance your cargo and make sure you don’t fall or damage it.

Death Stranding has a strangely compelling loop of taking on an order, planning out your route, then dealing with any unforeseen variables that pop up.

You won’t really understand the game’s systems until you try them out for yourself.

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