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World First for Destiny 2’s Garden of Salvation Raid Has Been Claimed

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World First for Destiny 2’s Garden of Salvation Raid Has Been Claimed

It took roughly six hours and fifteen minutes for a world first clear of Garden of Salvation, Destiny 2’s latest Vex-themed raid. Clan Ascend’s six-person fireteam composed of: Antivist, Cyber, ExBlack, Monks, Narhzul, Pash has been confirmed officially by Bungie as the world first clear, although many fans were able to watch it go down first hand on Twitch. They’ll get a sweet championship belt.

Compared to Last Wish, which took about three times as long to get a world first, Garden of Salvation was a walk in the park; but it’s still going to be an extremely challenging activity for the majority of the player base for a very long time.

Completing this raid first, completely blind of what to do, is an incredible accomplishment and props to Clan Ascend for getting it done the quickest.

As fellow world first chaser Datto told us last year, it’s not easy to keep your cool in the face of dying over and over again for hours in the name of trial and error. Even after you’ve figured out what to do, you have to execute, and without an established strategy, it’s a tough task to say the least.

Destiny 2’s raids are hard even when there’s an established strategy and even over a year later, only 3.2% of the PS4 player base has completed Last Wish.

The completion of Garden of Salvation kicked off the Vex Offensive activities on the Moon and players who have completed the Shadowkeep story line have begun to receive strange lore entries that we won’t spoil any further here.

If you want to give Garden of Salvation a try, make sure you’re has high power level as possible and find five teammates that won’t mind dying, a lot.

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