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November 2019 Games with Gold Predictions


November 2019 Games with Gold Predictions

The Bigger Game – Mafia III

Mafia III, Thomas Burke, trailer

It’s about that time again for Microsoft to announce what free games will be offered for free through Games with Gold for the upcoming month of November 2019.

While we wait for that official list, we have a few predictions as to what those free games might be based on Microsoft’s choices in the past as well as some outside factors.

Usually one larger game headlines the list, and for next month we suspect Mafia III from developer Hangar 13 and publisher 2K Games will be that AAA game.

Mafia III has already been offered for free on PS Plus back in August 2018, and Microsoft has been known to pick the same games as Sony months or sometimes years later (and vice versa).

It stands to reason that if a developer is willing to offer its game for free on one console, it will likely consider offering it for free on another through an almost identical subscription-based service.

Microsoft has also shown it is very comfortable with offering 2K games on Games with Gold, like Bioshock Infinite in March 2015, Mafia II in May 2015, Borderlands in March 2016, WWE 2K16 in August 2016, Borderlands 2 in March 2017, and more.

The relationship between 2K and Microsoft has already been clearly established, so 2K games are always going to be more likely Games with Gold contenders compared to new game development company games.

Mafia III is also often on sale, sometimes being offered for less than $15 on Xbox One.

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