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Luigi’s Mansion 3 vs MediEvil: Which Halloween Game Is More Spooktacular?

luigi's mansion vs Medievil, which game is better? which should you buy

Luigi’s Mansion 3 vs MediEvil: Which Halloween Game Is More Spooktacular?

The spooky time of Halloween is upon us and there are two big Halloween-themed video games coming out to wrap up the end of October. The two action-adventure titles, Luigi’s Mansion 3 and MediEvil, are both enticing picks for the Switch and the for the PS4, respectively, but if you could only pick one, which should you buy?

Down below we have compared both of these exclusives to see which one is the best choice for you to spend your hard-earned cash on! Let’s begin, shall we?


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When it comes to a deep narrative and story arcs, Luigi’s Mansion has to take the backseat on this one if I’m being quite honest. Nintendo is usually not known for its interesting stories or compelling plot; Luigi’s Mansion 3 has basically the same story from the other Luigi’s Mansion games and it’s not surprising in the slightest.

Luigi has to rescue Mario and Peach from King Boo –it’s literally the same but just takes place in a different location. That doesn’t mean that the game is not good though, but if you are looking for a somewhat deeper narrative, MediEvil has that going for it, just barely.

The main character in MediEvil, Sir Daniel Fortesque, is an absolute goofball who ended up dead by running headfirst into a war to prove that he was brave, but ultimately ended up dead by getting shot in the head with an arrow.

He gets accidentally revived by an evil sorcerer, giving him a second chance to right his wrongs and become the underdog hero that he’s always wanted to be.

The cast of characters are super silly, the writing is witty and comical, and it’s hard not to root for the guy throughout his journey.

It’s not a deep story by any means, but for a 3D action-platformer, it does just enough to keep the player invested and because of that, the winner for this round goes to the PS4 exclusive –sorry Luigi.

Winner: MediEvil

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