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10 Best Indie Games From PAX AUS You Need to Keep an Eye On


10 Best Indie Games From PAX AUS You Need to Keep an Eye On

Twinfinite attended PAX AUS this past weekend and we had the chance to check out a load of indie games. Here are the ten best we saw that you should keep your eye on.

Best Friend Forever

Best Friend Forever

Developer: Starcolt

Dating sims are absolutely everywhere nowadays, but it’s amazing how developers can combine razor sharp writing with a unique twist on the genre in order to stand out. Here, we have a dating sim where you pick up poop!

…Because there’s dogs. If there’s a poop-collecting dating sim that doesn’t involve dogs, we do not want to hear about it (lord knows it’ll probably end up on this list at some point).

In Best Friend Forever, you’re the newest resident of Rainbow Bay, a town where canines are super chic, and people are rarely seen without their furry friends.

There are a range of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes for you to woo, each with their own rich, distinct personalities that will leave your tongue wagging.

Clearly, a great deal of time and effort has gone into the dialogue, and you’ll find yourself laughing again and again as you interact with the denizens and their doggos.

It’s not all just giggles however; there is a definite heart and authenticity that shines through, compelling you to dig deeper into the story behind these fascinating people.

Throw in the dog training segments as you raise your pup from a rebellious rapscallion to chien du jour, and you’ve got a clear winner on Steam and Switch for Valentine’s Day 2020.

Incidentally, today I learnt the French word for dog. Could you tell?

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