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6 Ways GTA VI Can Be Even Better Than GTA V & RDR 2


6 Ways GTA VI Can Be Even Better Than GTA V & RDR 2

An Even Bigger World With Even More to See & Do

Let’s just get the obvious entry out of the way. With each new GTA game that’s released, Rockstar treats us to an even larger open world than the last.

The varied terrain and stunning sights bring the world to life like few other games can even dream of rivaling, and the eclectic selection of activities that Rockstar makes available for players to check out within these worlds help to build the immersion even further.

While GTA V brought the likes of skydiving, going to the movies, hunting, playing golf and tennis, or even dabbling in a spot of real estate to the table, GTA VI needs to go even further.

Let us go and watch sports games in enormous stadiums, have our protagonist(s) learn new skills that enable them to take on different side missions, or even just go and take a break and enjoy some downtime at a local spa resort. Oh, and don’t forget some zany mission where you’re tripping balls or you get abducted by aliens. It’s a key ingredient to any GTA title.

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