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5 Ways The Outer Worlds Could’ve Been Even Better


5 Ways The Outer Worlds Could’ve Been Even Better

The Outer Worlds has successfully filled that Fallout-sized hole in our collective hearts with Obsidian Entertainment proving once again that it is a master of its craft.

While the game has been warmly reviewed for its unique take on the Obsidian formula, RPG elements and depictions of a sci-fi anarcho-capitalist society, there are a few ways The Outer Worlds could have been improved.

Below, we list five ways the game could’ve been even better.

Better Gunplay and More Weapons

the outer worlds

Okay, the gunplay in The Outer Worlds isn’t bad. It’s serviceable, almost relaxing. Fighting your way across the colony feels smooth and easy, but even on higher difficulty levels, the game doesn’t really feel like it’s punishing poor gunplay, nor does it feel particularly noteworthy.

When playing, the lack of feedback and challenge made gunplay rarely feel rewarding. The gameplay does enough to get you from A to B, but it’s a shame that Obsidian did not try to be more ambitious with it.

A few more weapon types wouldn’t go amiss, either. While the game has a significant amount of mods to keep weapon customization and loadouts fresh, the well of different weapon types dries up far too quickly.

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