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5 Ways Fortnite Chapter 2 Revitalizes Its Battle Royale Mode


5 Ways Fortnite Chapter 2 Revitalizes Its Battle Royale Mode

New Map

Obvious entry is obvious, but that doesn’t mean that the significance of Fortnite Chapter 2’s new map should be understated.

With the arrival of a whole new map — with some fan-favorite named locations thrown in for good measure (albeit revamped) — there’s a ton of new, cool secrets for players to uncover.

Not only that, but there’s no Tilted Towers location that a ton of players are solely swarming to. That, combined with players’ general intrigue in exploring the new map means that you can land just about anywhere on this new island and come across a good few players to take down.

Also let’s be honest, the original Fortnite map was beginning to get a little stale, no matter how much Epic Games tweaked and adjusted it each season.

With a whole new island, there’s plenty of opportunity now to create weird and wonderful new events and experiences for players to enjoy.

With over 10 new named locations, and also a bunch of landmarks which act as essentially smaller named locations, Fortnite Chapter 2’s map feels like its brought the main evolution of the Battle Royale mode that players were crying out for.

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