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4K HD The Outer Worlds Wallpapers You Need For Your Desktop Background

Outer Worlds

4K HD The Outer Worlds Wallpapers You Need For Your Desktop Background

Obsidian transports gamers to some strange, yet beautiful, places in The Outer Worlds, exploring an alternate future where the US colonized a far off universe.

To commemorate the game’s release, we’ve compiled some of the most impressive looking screenshots and promotional images from The Outer Worlds that would look lovely as your background.

These 10 shots are terrestrial enough that we know that you won’t be able to resist making them desktop wallpaper.

The Forbidden 50’s edit comes courtesy of Reddit, adding a trippy tinge to the game’s box cover. 4k Download.

Outer Worlds

A beautiful picture capturing Ellie’s pistol firing a burst mid-round, encapsulating the beauty that comes along with Outer Worlds chaos. HD Download.

Jump into battle and you’ll find that some of these bugs aren’t going to be squished so easily. HD Download.

You’ll meet a handful of interesting people once you awake from your 70 year slumber. Just be careful when it comes to who you trust. HD Download.

Combat tends to get up close and personal, so be ready for a bloody fight, especially with Marauders. HD Download.

Regardless of whether your represent hope or embody chaos, Outer Worlds has plenty of cool outfits for you to get for your character. 4K Download.

outer worlds

Simple and sweet, the game’s title screen and name still make for a pretty cool background. 4K Download.

outer worlds

Man or machine, everything in the Outer Worlds is dangerous and could be your end. HD Download.

outer worlds

Beautiful flowers really do get me in the mood for murdering Marauders. HD Download.

Outer Worlds

Above ground, below the earth, or even aboard a ship in space, there is a lot to marvel at in Outer Worlds unique environments. 4K Download.

That’s about it for our list of best 4K HD Wallpapers for The Outer Worlds. For more about the game, be sure to check out our review!

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