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4 Reasons Why You Should Jump into Destiny 2 Right Now


4 Reasons Why You Should Jump into Destiny 2 Right Now

Destiny 2 Is Free-to-Play

Since Bungie’s split with Activision, they’ve announced that Destiny 2 would go free-to-play, which means that there’s literally no better time than now for new players to jump into the adventure.

Of course, with how long Destiny 2’s been out at this point, there’s a lot of content to catch up on, especially for players who want to see the story from its beginning. Bungie’s thought of that, though, and have implemented a new tailor-made campaign for new players titled New Light.

Essentially, New Light will catch you up with the Destiny 2 story by letting you explore old areas and reliving the major story beats and highlights that brought our Guardians to where they are now.

It’s definitely a good way to experience the story without feeling too overwhelmed. You can still explore most of the areas without needing to buy the expansions, and then just purchase them later on if you want to see everything Destiny 2 has to offer.

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