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10 Best Boss Fights We’ll Absolutely Never Forget


10 Best Boss Fights We’ll Absolutely Never Forget

Ornstein and Smough – Dark Souls

We start off this list of memorable boss fights with the O.G. dynamic duo, Ornstein and Smough.

The Soulsborne series is rife with plenty of great and memorable boss fights but it’s hard to beat the impression Ornstein and Smough left on many Dark Souls fans.

They pair off wonderfully in a boss fight with both characters making up for their counterpart’s weakness. They’re relentless, aggressive, raise your blood pressure, and really make you work to get that victory.

You can’t even be mad at their difficulty because their boss fight is so perfectly balanced. Nothing seems unfair nor does anything seem like a sudden surprise.

The Dark Souls series tried numerous times to get the O & S formula right in other boss fights throughout the series but they only really got close enough with the incredible fight Sister Friede and Father Ariandel give you in Dark Souls 3.

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