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NBA 2K20: How to Upgrade Attributes

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NBA 2K20: How to Upgrade Attributes

Many a young NBA fan in recent years have grown up watching greats such as Kobe and Lebron play, and with determination have said to themselves: “I’m going to grind, work hard, and one day I’m going to be a 99 overall My Player in NBA 2K.” Here’s how to upgrade attributes in NBA 2K20.

Upgrading Attributes in NBA 2K20

The ultimate goal in My Player in NBA 2K20 is to work and grind your way up to a 99 overall rating in order to turn your player into an unstoppable monSTAR on the court.

As any longtime fan of NBA 2K will be able to explain to you you’ll need, you guessed it, VC in order to improve your players skills on the court. You can also use VC to improve their skills off the court, but that’s a different guide.

Anywho, upgrading attributes in NBA 2K20 starts by grinding some VC, lots of it. VC is earned by completing games throughout your career, or by giving 2K some money in order to buy VC in various levels of quantities. We won’t judge ya’ either way. It’s your money/time, you do what you want with it.

In either event, once you have VC go to the navigation menu and select: Attributes, Badges + More.

From there, you’ll be at a Snapshot menu that gives you a quick overview of your player. Within this menu, you’ll find Attributes which you can open up and tinker around with your all of your stats using your VC.

Select the attribute you want to improve and then confirm that you want to spend some VC on using X on PS4 or A on Xbox One and you’re all set.

Finally, you can also do a limited amount of drills at the training facility to also bump your attributes up a bit without having to resort to spending/purchasing VC.

That’s basically there is to it for upgrading your attributes in NBA 2K20. Best of luck trying to be the best there ever was besides Michael Jordan! Be sure to check out our wiki guide for more tips and tricks along the way to stardom.

In sum:

  1. Grind out lots of VC, or use real-life currency

  2. Go to Attributes within from the Navigation menu

  3. Select the attribute you want to upgrade and invest the VC

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