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How Long Code Vein Takes to Beat & How Many Areas There Are

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How Long Code Vein Takes to Beat & How Many Areas There Are

Code Vein is the latest title from Bandai Namco, and it’s developed by the same team behind the God Eater series. As the latest game in the Souls-like genre, Code Vein tries a few new things and sticks more closely to its action-RPG roots. Of course, if you’re looking to pick up the vampiric anime game, you’re probably wondering how long Code Vein takes to beat. Well, we have your answer.

*Spoiler Warning* Be aware that we’ll be listing all of the areas of the game down below. While we won’t be discussing story details in any way, if you consider the names of areas as a spoiler, you might want to skip it.

How Long Code Vein Takes to Beat

Code Vein uses the same structure as many games in the Souls-like genre, tasking you with exploring lengthy areas with a Home Base you can return to in between.

To start things off, we should say Code Vein will take you roughly 30-40 hours to beat. Our own playthrough clocked in at around 38 hours, although we didn’t do everything.

Of course, it should be said, there are a lot of factors that play into how long Code Vein will take you to beat. Difficulty is the first thing that factors into this, as you’ll undoubtedly be dying quite a few times.

Past that, each area has a lot of alternate pathways and items to find, so exploring every nook and cranny might take extra time.

There are quite a few different areas in the game, and alternate areas in the Depths provide even more opportunities. Outside of the depths, here’s a list of every area in the game, 13 in all.

  • Ruined City Underground
  • Ruined City Center
  • Howling Pit
  • Dried-Up Trenches
  • Cathedral of Sacred Blood
  • Memories of “Character Name”
  • Ridge of Frozen Souls
  • Ashen Cavern
  • City of Falling Flame
  • Crown of Sand
  • Crypt Spire
  • Provisional Government Outskirts
  • Gaol of Stagnant Blood

That’s everything you need to know about how long Code Vein takes to beat. For even more tips, tricks, and guides, make sure to check out our Code Vein guide wiki.

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