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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Open Beta Announced; New Live-Action Trailer Features Lil Wayne

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Open Beta Announced; New Live-Action Trailer Features Lil Wayne

Move over Jon Bernthal, Lil Wayne takes center stage in the latest Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint live-action “Squad up” trailer. Released by Ubisoft earlier today, the amusing sequence shows off multiplayer action with a brief cameo from Snoop Dogg.

The trailer celebrates the launch of Breakpoint’s open beta session, which will run from Sept. 26-29 across PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Pre-loading will be available via each platform’s storefront from Sept. 24.

The open beta will offer new content that wasn’t available in the closed beta, including three extra main story missions, two new regions (called New Argyll and Infinity), and play Elimination matches in Breakpoint’s PvP mode, Ghost War. Four PvP tailored-maps will be available for these 4vs4 showdowns: the PMC Camp, Port, Cold War Bunker and Harbor.

Additionally, four new daily missions will allow players to complete up to 12 daily Faction Missions during the Open Beta.

Directed by David Leitch (Deadpool 2), the advert was shot in Vancouver Canada. As you’ll see below, it flicks between a faux IRL scene and in-game action, with Wayne’s female avatar battles her way through a multiplayer game that turns into a comedy of errors.

David Leich said of the advert:

“More than anything, the key point of all action is to tell a story, and in this spot we’re telling a story with these characters in the world of the game and also the characters in their worlds at home.

We wanted to make sure we have these distinct characters that jump off the page and that the action defines them in a real particular way. We have this fun juxtaposition with the different characters and their voices too, which is a great conceit.”

You can check out the new trailer for yourself below:

Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s previous live-action trailer featured Jon Bernthal, who plays the game’s antagonist, Cole. D Walker.

Last week, an in-engine trailer detailed the game’s story, game modes, and more.

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